A little more about me... 

Top achievement on two wheels: Riding a bicycle across Iowa on RAGBRAI

Top achievement on three wheels: Breaking arm on ATV three-wheeler

Most surreal moment in advertising so far: Seeing the ever-distinguished Bill Kurtis sitting next to a trumpet-playing bear during production -- just how I pictured it in my head

Moment others hated but I loved: Writing an anthem script in a Holiday Inn Express conference room at 1:30 AM -- hours before presenting it in a new business pitch

Out-of-my-league moment #1: Skiing the Austrian Alps

Out-of-my-league moment #2: Every girl back in high school

Best brush with greatness: Meeting Van Halen at Indianapolis airport

Buzzkill brush with greatness: Seeing Rob Reiner in the pool during my honeymoon

Go-to song I play on unattended pianos: Theme from Rocky

Welcomed reactions from client presentations: Tears, laughs, and "no way we're doing that" 

Best moment of life so far: Seeing my wife’s face for the first time when those elevator doors opened

I like to make the advertising.

I like to come up with ideas that serve up insights in unexpected ways. Then explore how those ideas can live across video, digital, print, social, whatever. I'm glad to be in this moment when an idea can live anywhere. And I want to produce work that feels like a discovery and not a piece of advertising. Bears help in this regard. Explosions too.